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...we squeal proudly.

fangirls unite!
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Tired of filling up your journal with inane fangirl rants? Can you absolutely not get your fandom off your mind? Do your friends attempt to silence your squeals of glee whenever you see your fangirl obsession? Are you in need of understanding, sympathetic, fellow fangirls who are just as obsessed as you?

Then you're in the right place!

This community is for all fangirls (fanboys welcome, too)regardless of what fandom(s) they belong to. We celebrate all fandoms here!

The rules are simple:
1. No fangirl fights.
Just because someone else obsesses over a different fandom than you doesn't mean your devotion is lessened. Accept that some people just don't see that your fandom is God and leave it at that.

2. No intolerance
We are absolutely intolerant of intolerance. Be nice.

and thats all ;)

So go forth, fangirls! Post pictures, icons, news, rants, raves, dreams, fanfics, anything! Squeal your little fangirlish hearts out!